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Home » [Case research] popular relationships with drive Notifications for Brazil (ROwe 75per cent)

[Case research] popular relationships with drive Notifications for Brazil (ROwe 75per cent)

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[Case research] popular relationships with drive Notifications for Brazil (ROwe 75per cent)

Disclaimer: take note that this circumstances was actually provided by our customers, and views and viewpoints conveyed in this post are the ones for the authors nor always echo the official policy or place of PropellerAds.

Continue reading to master precisely why online dating gives become anything today in Brazil. Also, our very own affiliate clarifies his reasoning behind the optimization techniques.

Website Traffic: Force Notifications

Internet network:

Provide: Mainstream Dating Smartlink

The strategy years: Apr 1, 2019, to May 14, 2019

Geo: Brazil

Spent: $572

Money: $999

Internet profit: $312

ROI: 75percent

The GEO in addition to Site Visitors Origin

Firstly, I experienced to select a GEO with adequate site visitors amount and lowest opposition. Brazil brimming the balance for any venture – came across these two criteria.

We largely use Propellerads to operate a vehicle force traffic, cause this system provides great force amounts. In addition need more advertisement systems for evaluating and scaling promotions up.

The deal

I discovered the offer at iMonetizeit, bring it’s far more convenient for me personally to utilize this community in terms of matchmaking (there’s multiple gives, personalized SmartLinks: specific settings of pre-landers, pop-ups, etc.).

I asked my personal membership supervisor which offer to choose, and he guided to not promote the offer right but to drive traffic to the SmartLink first, cause at that time there have been some fascinating gives for Brazil.

Check out all three tips of promoting a dating provide: how to locate an offer, how to decide on a great present, and how to promote they

The technique

First of all, I picked high activity users and CPM as a commission model, to ensure that i possibly could purchase on visitors a little bit less expensive when compared to CPC. We targeted a mobile-only.

The ad creative

While I was testing various creatives, this package demonstrated ideal results.

The content had been something like: “Hello, we saw their photograph and wish to chat.” I also spiced it up with some emoji.


Period 1 (USER ACTIVITY targeting)

The higher task level performedn’t appear to have enough website traffic, that is why I went two more promotions: with all the typical and lower activity amounts. And put another creative.

In a while, I got noticed that KPI for the lowest activity venture was actually raised above of every various other. There was sufficient traffic; it actually was additionally low priced along with a beneficial conversion rate. Then I focused solely about campaign and ended most of the others.

Period 2 (blacklisted networks and offer analytics)

I started to collect data. For a few period, the balance was slightly negative. And achieving reviewed they, we blacklisted some zones with lowest CTR and conversion rate. I also questioned the profile management of iMonetizeit to look into the present causes SmartLink. The main section of my personal site visitors got redirected to the a particular provide that confirmed accomplishment. The payout had beenn’t big, a little more than 13 cents, although website traffic is cheaper, and conversion rate got sufficient.

Following the optimization – both on my role and area of the community – my campaigns turned into rewarding.

Stage 3 (a lengthy black colored number and an increased bid)

In just a few days, while the strategies were installed and operating, I had reviewed the stats from Propellerads most thoroughly, being attentive to the platforms and conversion tracker information. It assisted to understand the platforms with “bad” outcomes. Then I blacklisted a lot more areas and increasing the quote. Next, the site visitors quantity and ROI increased.

Following optimization

Afterwards, my personal tracker didn’t showcase any apparent spikes. And different campaigns, We tested newer and more effective post creatives and pc targeting, but without having any success. I attempted aside several other drive visitors companies, but some thing had opted awry often.

Then I generated website traffic best via Propellerads.

The volume capping is set-to 1 per 2 days, the internet browser vocabulary got Portuguese, focusing on cellular devices (Android), and the quote following the optimization fell much beneath the proposed number:

On 15th of will, the offer is omitted from the SmartLink. Other provides I redirected people to went adverse, due to the fact conversion rate was bad than before, in spite of the larger payout.

So, I decided to stop this strategy.

The Screenshot from Propellerads:

The promotion funds in Propellerads was $572.

And I also also invested $115 regarding the examination in a few other force companies. So, the entire budget was $687.

Screenshot from iMonetizeit:

Money: 999$.

Profits: 999$ – 687$=312$.

ROI: 75%.

The bottom line

Exactly what conclusions can I bring from all those things? Examination, and test a bit more…

A lot of people concur that Brazil is not a great option for a popular internet dating strategies. But if you do an excellent present with the reduced opposition, they won’t take very long for income.

The offer creatives endured its ground and performedn’t disappear: the big site visitors amounts in Brazil helped avoid advertising fatigue. Very, testing different GEOs – that’s my personal information! – acquire a great income!

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