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Home » OkCupid try the original dating application to provide expanded intercourse and direction possibilities back to 2014.

OkCupid try the original dating application to provide expanded intercourse and direction possibilities back to 2014.

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OkCupid try the original dating application to provide expanded intercourse and direction possibilities back to 2014.

That have 22 genders and you may 12 orientations available, we’lso are committed to making sure the character reflects your.

Unsure just what a few of these suggest? Realize less than, or perhaps to look for definitions regarding people in her terminology, see

Genders (22)


Agender is an identity underneath the nonbinary and you may transgender umbrellas. Agender people discover he’s zero gender title, though some explain so it alot more since the that have an intercourse label you to are basic. —


Having the attributes otherwise character off both female and male; none specifically women neither male. — Merriam-Webster


A gender label and that’s literally translated while the ‘two genders’ or ‘double gender’. Bigender people experience just two gender identities, both concurrently otherwise different among them. These sex identities will be male and female, but could have low-binary identities. — Sex Wiki

Cis Child and you can Cis Lady

Cisgender and cissexual (have a tendency to abbreviated to only cis) determine relevant type of sex identity in which individuals’ knowledge of its individual sex satisfy the intercourse these were tasked at the birth. The term cisgender ‘s the opposite of your term transgender. — Wikipedia


Genderfluid individuals have various other intercourse identities within different times. A beneficial genderfluid individual’s sex term would be several genders simultaneously after which change to none whatsoever, otherwise disperse between solitary gender identities, or another consolidation therein. — Nonbinary Wiki


An umbrella term that refers one another so you’re able to non-normative intercourse term and you may intercourse phrase. The brand new label may also be used of the someone hoping to pick as the holding queer otherwise non-normative sex without being any more certain regarding the character off their sex.Because an umbrella title, Genderqueer keeps a similar scope in order to nonbinary, with many nonbinary-identifying individuals also provided by themselves genderqueer. However, the new terminology provides various other historic scopes and connotations. The expression genderqueer was used no less than ten years in advance of nonbinary.

Intercourse Nonconforming

Behavior or intercourse expression because of the a person who does not matches male and you will feminine intercourse norms. — Wikipedia


When you look at the southern area Asian countries and India, Pakistan, and you can Bangladesh, this new tasked male at birth and you can with a girly sex term. This really is a very ancient customs out-of a good nonbinary sex role (categorised as “3rd sex”). — Nonbinary Wiki


“Intersex” is actually a general title useful numerous requirements inside and therefore you’re created with a good reproductive or intimate structure one to doesn’t appear to fit an average meanings of man or woman. — Intersex People of The united states

An adult men personal. — Merriam-Webster


Nonbinary intercourse was an umbrella identity covering any intercourse identity otherwise expression that will not complement within the gender binary. This new term could also be used by the someone aspiring to identify once the falling outside the intercourse digital without getting more certain regarding the character of their intercourse. —


Pangender (and/otherwise Omnigender) are a low-binary gender feel hence relates to a broad multiplicity out-of men and women that may (or not) will the new infinite (for example it sense may go outside of the newest knowledge of genders). It experience should be both at exactly the same time or over big date. The greek prefix “pan” identifies “everything” otherwise “all”, therefore, pangender you certainly will imply “most of the men and women”, nevertheless the men and women out of pangender men and women are restricted to their existence sense. —


Transfeminine individuals were assigned men during the delivery however, line-up even more directly on the lady area of the intercourse range. An effective transfeminine personal could possibly get pick with many regions of womanliness but not establish themselves once the “a lady” — Wikipedia

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