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Producing a LL catgory for a dialect

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Producing a LL catgory for a dialect

We are working in Konkani, with a unique (but smaller) Wikipedia at Under Konkani, there are dialects talked, the pronunciation of one may be distinctive from the other.

Want to establish a classification for Saxtti (the Salcete dialect of Konkani). This will make certain that readings don’t get overwritten by other dialects. Additionally, it would allow the recordings of a lot other individuals which might have already been done in Konkani as a how.

Hey and thanks for visiting Lingua Libre. I brought in Goan Konkani (Q700683) (gom) because wasn’t on Lingua Libre but. On Lingua Libre, dialects are addressed in the same way as languages. Possible generate a feature for the dialect on Wikidata (instance for auvergnat dialect) and reveal once really prepared, so that we could transfer it on Lingua Libre with an admin software. You could right build a feature for your dialect on Lingua Libre, adopting the methods explained at let:Add a unique vocabulary and using illustration of Auvernhat dialect (Q1186). Don’t hesitate to ping an admin when you have any queries. Best wishes – WikiLucas (?Y–‹i??) , (UTC) A« there are lots of dialects talked, the pronunciation of just one can be different from the other. […] this may ensure that indication aren’t getting overwritten by some other dialects. A» In the event that authorship are close but just the enunciation is different dependent on where the audio speaker is inspired by, it looks like different accents. This means me personally tracking in French the term “bonjour” should be one sound file on Lili. WikiLucas can tape in French similar keyword “bonjour”, it will probably develop an other sound file on Lili. My personal recording(s), since I have originate from the South West, will bring the south feature. Tracks by WikiLucas, which resides 700km East of myself, will cary the Lyon neighborhood feature. Lingualibre will keep 2 tracks, one per user. Yug (talk) , (UTC) Hello Fredericknoronha, i’ve brought in Salcete Konkani (Q701734) in order to today register statement in that dialect. Pamputt (talk) , (UTC)

Feedback about Lingua Libre by Teacher Carol Genetti, PhD

Dear people in Lingua Libre, i’m pleased to discuss an email from Professor Carol Genetti, a linguist and respected expert in jeopardized dialects. Teacher Genetti is actually author of one of the better e-books in the field of Linguistics also known as “How Languages Work”. Her huge experience and knowledge are really important and after looking at Lingua Libre she said:

Thank you for contacting me and allowing me know about this step. It’s an appealing idea. I particularly like the multilingual menus — very helpful.

Are you aware of this website, managed of the college of Hawaii (and, in my opinion, funded by Bing). Therefore something that happens in my experience could be the proliferation of such websites. Exactly how will people in an endangered-language community find out about their own options, and making an educated preference about which among these online resources is going to be better in the long run due to their forums? Should such effort cross-reference each other?

Recordings were certain to a phrase, a words and a speaker

My personal next consideration has to do with durability. It takes a substantial dedication to supporting a website russiancupid along these lines over the years. The task has someone who are able to keep these types of web sites financed, working, planned, appropriate, and engaging users as time passes. How will you ensure that the data should be in 10, 50, 150 age? Perchance you get that instantly when it is associated with Wikipedia. If so, state that. In addition, there ought to be a definite statement of how these types of facts can be made use of, and also by whom, so speakers know should they register a wordlist, people might use if for some function without their unique authorization (usually right?). I’m sorry to need to bring a down-to-earth information into determination and desire for endangered dialects that features demonstrably supported this jobs, but creating observed other projects stumble in this manner, I wanted to be sure that you will be contemplating this. Speakers is entrusting such valuable bits of her physical lives as well as their societies. How will you safeguard this after a while? Leave individuals understand. Those issues apart, here are several different opinions:

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