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Home » Then requires this lady playing all places, which she really does hesitantly

Then requires this lady playing all places, which she really does hesitantly

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Then requires this lady playing all places, which she really does hesitantly

Makarov says to Lucy he would be opening Fairy Tail’s pond towards public and says to the girl that he is and make group prepare sites. Makarov reveals Lucy Natsu’s appeal, Salamander’s Water fountain. Lucy will not check it out but Makarov forced this lady toward boiling liquid. [40] After Lucy has actually went to most of the places, Natsu brains to help you where she’s, inquiring if she really wants to keeps other go on his appeal which Lucy immediately refuses. [41]

Your day of one’s Fateful Encounter [ ]

Note: As a result of the antichat quizzes conflict of the time contained in this tale and you will however tale, it omake might possibly be regarded as Lucy’s fantasy.

Lucy is visible thinking about the date she got when Natsu and you may Delighted come. Both need Lucy ahead with them since they provides work. Lucy, who was questioned because of the child she satisfied earlier your day for lunch, informs the 2 you to she’s got an appointment plus the several hop out, upset. Mirajane tells Lucy that the a few have been likely to wonder her since today is her birthday celebration. However, Lucy states this was not the lady birthday celebration. When nine o’clock showed up, Natsu and you can Happier is actually standing on the latest illustrate thinking that Lucy wouldn’t appear. Instantly, Lucy happens and says to the 2 your efforts are so much more essential than their conference, she also informs him or her it is not the girl birthday. Natsu, not, tells the lady so it might have been just 1 year while the she entered the brand new guild. Lucy almost whines upon hearing this and you will thinks that the girl fateful encounter is exactly 1 year before whenever she satisfied Natsu and you may Happier. [42]

Rainbow Sakura [ ]

Everyone in the guild is actually engaging in the fresh new Hanami festival. Lucy, yet not, isn’t among them because she stuck a cold. Since the Natsu and you can Happier log off the woman so you’re able to others, it remember the date in advance of. Lucy is most happy once reading of event and you will frets in the clothing additionally the appeal of brand new Rainbow Sakuras. Recalling that it, the 2 feel sorry to have Lucy. [43]

After, Lucy is actually asleep for her bed, thinking about the guild as well as the event up to she drops sleeping. She afterwards wakes upwards of the appears external and you can find to analyze. She up coming observes an excellent Rainbow Sakura for the a boat floating with the the fresh lake and you may admires the beauty of the brand new forest. [44]

The following day, Lucy try impact far better. Makarov after that requires his guild people whom uprooted the newest Sakura tree, saying that the latest gran is quite angry. Lucy notices Natsu and you may Happy’s responses as being the accountable ones and you may she thank-you her or him, whilst several imagine that they do not know just what she was these are. [45]

Coca-Cola [ ]

Returning regarding grocery shopping, Lucy notices you to definitely, once more, Natsu and you can Pleased have come so you’re able to her domestic as opposed to permission. Even after being used to that condition currently, she still yells on her or him and you can says to them to hop out. Natsu informs Lucy he and you will Pleased found have fun with their, however, Lucy will not spend too-much notice and you will tells them you to she’s going to grab a bath. So it just factors Natsu and Prepared to look on the girl and share with the girl in order to hurry up and take her bath to make certain that they can use the woman, that Lucy replies that she cannot get you to definitely when they occur. After the encouragement one Natsu doesn’t peek, Lucy promises one to she’ll have fun with her or him shortly after the woman shower, nonetheless need to exit when nights happens since the she’s believed to end her book. [46]

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