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Home » Tony isn’t exactly sure when Morgan became more of a pup to him than a grand daughter

Tony isn’t exactly sure when Morgan became more of a pup to him than a grand daughter

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Tony isn’t exactly sure when Morgan became more of a pup to him than a grand daughter

Peter had to wake up at all hours of the night to take care of her when she cried, and although Tony protested and it took Peter way too long to give in, he had work in the morning. And the poor omega would be exhausted come morning. So Tony started checking on Morgan himself. Even once he finally convinced the omega he’d take care of his every whim and he’d never want for anything, he still chipped in with the 2 person labor of raising a child Peter had dumped onto his lap.

One day he brought her with him to the office. He really didn’t have much work to do, he was only in the office a couple days a week. But Peter had a doctors appointment, and Tony was more than happy to mind her for a day.

He came into the office, Morgan on one arm and one of the front desk girls gushed. Mr stark! I didn’t know you had kids! Oh my gosh she’s so cute. Tony smiled. Oh yeah, she’s gonna be a real heart breaker. He chuckled. He didn’t correct her. Didn’t explain the situation. Just went with it, and honestly, it felt so right. You’re omegas real lucky, gotta say. Oh no, Im the lucky one. Natural.

Her first word has been papa, which peter understandably lost his mind about. And then, the baby had looked and tony, made grabby hands and mumbled dada. Peters face lit up bright pink. Oh… I….

Peter was a blessing. The worlds most perfect omega. He gave him a second chance to be a good alpha for once. And Morgan was a beautiful, healthy, happy baby. All the things a man wanted.

Yeah, he’s young, but he’s not a baby

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The line was easy

Peter frowned. The world isn’t kind, Tony. I don’t want her to be in danger. If it’s public knowledge that she’s enhanced… I don’t want to think about what could happen to her.

for the spideypoolficexchange! my giftee is and im like super super duper sorry about how long this took. and i uh hope you like this 🙂 also my amazing girlfriend helped me in a couple parts and i jus wanna mention that i think shes amazing self reblog spideypool

Anyways, New York City. Everything is normal. Spidey is swinging through the streets, the Avengers are off saving the world, and Deadpool is causing trouble. Though nothing too bad because he wants to be good.

Well, poor Petey Parker is sad that he didn’t get to go with the Avengers. When are they going to stop treating him like a kid? He’s been doing this Spider-Man stuff for years. When are they going to let him be on the team?

So he tries to kill time and grumpy feelings by chasing Deadpool around. That’s always fun. Plus, Deadpool doesn’t act like he’s a kid. He treats Peter just like he treats everyone else. In fact, he LOOKS UP to Spider-Ma . He thinks Spidey is a Grade A hero and he should even be running the Avengera. Which, woah no way that’s too much, but Peter really appreciates the sentiment.

And this kind of stuff continues on until one day Peter finally snaps. He demands to know why he can’t be part of the team. And Tony lists all these reasons which is a very roundabout way of saying he’s too young. That’s what it all boils down to. And maybe he doesn’t help the issue by swinging away in tears, but he’s angry. And hurt.

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