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George and I “made love” last night

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George and I “made love” last night

I didn’t even move, Diary – isn’t that the true indication that I am really a slut deep inside?

Its the first time in over two months. He landed a big account at work, and he wanted to celebrate. It was nice and gentle, with lots of soft kisses and we cuddled afterwards. And I didn’t cum once. I faked it for him, though, since I know it would disappoint him if he didn’t get to “satisfy” me. The thing about faking with George is that its so easy. I mean, a little clench or two and a loud moan, and he thinks I am in heaven. If only he knew that when I really get worked up I have to have my mouth covered or my yells would make the neighbors call the cops! I wonder what he would do if he knew what a sleaze I really am. No, I’m not going to think about that.

You aren’t going to believe what I did today! Yes, of course I met a new man. That’s not the news. The news is what we did. We met on the other side of the city. I figured it was over an hour away, so I wouldn’t see anyone I knew. I wore a flippy skirt that came to my knees, and a blouse that was sort of sheer. Just so you could see my bra through it, not too trashy… just sexy. And we met at a restaurant/bar type of place a little bit before the lunch crowd. Bob was average looking – not a fabulous body or gorgeous face, but average, like me. Anyway, we clicked right away, and after having two drinks and an appetizer, we left.

Did we go to a hotel room? Oh no, Diary. Bob, as it turned out, owns a van. One of those big conversion vans. Yep… you got it. We went to the van. Bob and I got in and got into the back of the van. There were a couple of small, sort of cafe-like tables, and a couch. We didn’t waste any time. Bob sat down on the couch and told me to sit down on the table in front of him, so I did.Read More »George and I “made love” last night