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6. “A yellow, Red rose,” from the Robert Injury (1759-1796)

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6. “A yellow, Red rose,” from the Robert Injury (1759-1796)

Around came and you may searched your on deal with An enthusiastic angel breathtaking and you may bright; And that the guy understood it actually was good Fiend, Which miserable Knight!

Which unknowing what he performed, He leaped amid a beneficial murderous ring, And you will saved out-of rage tough than dying This lady of the House!

And exactly how she wept, and you can clasped his knees; And how she tended your from inside the vain- And previously strove so you can expiate The fresh new scorn you to definitely crazed their brain;-

And therefore she nursed your inside a cavern; And exactly how his insanity went aside, Whenever towards red-colored forest-will leave A demise son he set;-

His dying terms and conditions-but when We reached You to tenderest strain of all of the ditty, My personal faultering sound and pausing harp Disturbed their soul that have embarrassment!Read More »6. “A yellow, Red rose,” from the Robert Injury (1759-1796)