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Imagine if everyone is gay throughout the Celestial Kingdom

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Imagine if everyone is gay throughout the Celestial Kingdom

Inside mention of it opinion of a lot more than: “Monogamist people let the individuals worth exaltation on development but they won’t leadership given that Gods. This is basically the philosophy contained in our LDS scriptures now and you will accompanied by Fundamentalist LDS.

Into the mention of this review regarding above: “132 and additionally allows for polyandry for these women who want to marry a man holding a high priesthood.”

This won’t sound like the traditional MO, must not they realize: 132 allows a person having a top priesthood in order to wed several other mans girlfriend when the the guy determines. ?

Last Lemming, if you were expected to go into on homosexual plural relationships into the the newest Celestial empire, could you do that?

A beneficial Spirits. Polygamy in the paradise is not always on what anybody desires. Their about the fact that its that plausible possibility of how it might turn out whether or not individuals wishes it or perhaps not. I for one should not stop anything if there’s no reason for making an explanation. We stop which i will perform what I’m expected, any kind of that’s.

And many folks do think one the philosophy was a factor in making a conclusion on which can be expected in the next lives.

Really, probably the journalist god does not want polygamy when you look at the paradise for everybody I know. Why would the guy actually? Failed to I just declare that neither I nor not one person otherwise has actually the solution? After that exactly why are you actually inquiring?

A beneficial Disposition told you: “FYI – Warren Jeff’s, new fundamentalist son, is actually incarcerated without prolonged a good “prophet” from the his own entry.”

I know I’d as an alternative see hell than handle you to definitely that

This new philosophy and you may lessons for the plural matrimony don’t are from Warren Jeff’s, they came from Joseph Smith and therefore are present in our Philosophy and Covenants.Read More »Imagine if everyone is gay throughout the Celestial Kingdom