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5. La storia della Arcana Famiglia (2011)

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5. La storia della Arcana Famiglia (2011)

Within the Amnesia , the female protagonist gets into any sort of accident which results in recollections loss – which the fresh new title. If you contrast Amnesia with other otome game, you will realize which has many eventually different factors. The 5 paths incur little to no similarity as each of them happens in a parallel market. Zero one or two pathways may be the exact escort Virginia Beach same.

A man letters into the Amnesia for each portray a fit from a beneficial platform off poker cards . Shin stands for Hearts, Ikki stands for Spades, Kent is short for Clubs, Toma means Expensive diamonds, and you can Ukyo stands for the brand new Joker. This new fit you select in the very beginning of the games identifies which you will get to date.

The only common benefit of most of the 5 pathways would be the fact that people head should go through different occurrences to help you piece together this lady destroyed recollections.

You are going to enjoy while the Felicita, this new diglia, an organization located in Regalo. Felicita try an effective-willed and separate lady whom will not provides the girl life felt like on her behalf.

Mondo, however, possess chose to retire and you will hands their reputation over to some body he deems worthy as a consequence of a combat named Arcana Duello , where possible applicants fight against each other to help you arise victorious. The brand new champ out-of Arcana Duello gets step 3 something provided so you’re able to him or her – the highest score on organisation, another consult, and you will Felicita because a partner.

Felicita matches the brand new event to the intent to help you earn in order for she can contour her own upcoming. From situations conducive doing Arcana Duello, Felicita increases nearer to seven candidates – the type Liberta, the fresh new chill Nova, the new flirtatious Debito, the newest defensive Luca, brand new loving and you may trustworthy Dante, the latest smart Jolly, and Speed, that has superhuman stamina.Read More »5. La storia della Arcana Famiglia (2011)